Tile Talk is a tiling brokerage service that is committed to bringing our skills in sourcing and delivering high end products and unique designs. Over two decades in the tiling industry has given us the expertise and commitment to provide you with the best deals from the world’s leading tile manufacturers based in Italy, Spain and China.

We pride ourselves in only promoting high quality tiles at best value, for home, retail and commercial applications - including large scale projects.

We ensure that only products that comply to the technical requirements under ISO (International) and AO (Australian) Standards are distributed to our valued clients.

Do you need some ideas for your special project? We offer a colour consultation service, together with importation and indent arrangements if the tile you require is not a stock line.

We also supply "Builder packages" for your projects, no matter how large or small.

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There is a specific tile for every space and a specific design for every home.  When these two elements meet, there is visual synergy, great flow of energy and easy to care for spaces. Let us help you source the most appropriate and most beautiful tiles for your needs...

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We work with builders, designers, architects, contractors and developers. We pride ourselves on developing long-standing and committed partnerships with our suppliers and passing on this trust and commitment to our clients....

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Drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you.